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Would you like to share Mila with your friends and family while building your own business? Become a Genesis Pure Independent Business Owner!
Join the wellness industry movement with a home-based network marketing strategy.
Lifemax and Geneis Pure have done all of the set-up work, all you need to do is step in, step up and be part of it. You put in to it as much or as little as you want, your returns are based on your effort and commitment.
Lifemax, with Genesis Pure, is based on the solid foundation of our amazing product - Mila. Every man, woman and child in the world needs what Mila contains, and the only place the world can get it is through our network of Independent Distributors.

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Changing the Health and Wealth of the World

Genesis Pure is committed to sharing the healthiest whole raw food in the world and empowering our network of distributors to create financial freedom for themselves and for generations to come.

Our business allows a person to participate in the most significant business trends that the world has ever seen – health and wellness, Internet and e–commerce and global distribution. The Genesis Pure opportunity is a business that provides a unique product that no one else in the world is selling through network marketing or any other form for that matter. We have gone to great lengths to ensure that we have the highest quality product on the market. This means that we have a product the world wants and needs and the only delivery system is you!
We have created a sophisticated, yet easy to use, web presence that helps you promote your business as well as sell your product. Furthermore, we have created an amazing back office management system that allows you to track the activity of your entire business real time.

Finally we have recognized that ultimate wealth is created by establishing true global distribution. The challenge to true global distribution is figuring out how to create brand loyalty while expanding around the globe. Network Marketing is the perfect answer because each distributor is simply gathering a handful of loyal customers, such as Mom, Dad, brother, sister or good friend. The loyalty is inherent in our model, therefore it simply becomes an operational issue of moving Mila around the globe and setting up the proper business structure.
The opportunity is global but the first steps are localized and simple. The first seeds of this opportunity will take root once you have tried the product. After that let your imagination run a bit and envision improving your own health and improving your own wealth. To do that, use Mila, then simply share the product with a few people, gather a few customers and then find a few people that want more, like you, and sponsor them into the business.
Your better life awaits - take action!

The financial success of a Genesis Pure Independent Business Owner depends entirely upon that Distributor’s individual effort and dedication. There are no guarantees regarding income, and the success or failure of each Independent Distributor, like any other business, depends upon each Distributor’s own skills and personal effort. Individual results may vary.

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