Why is MILA better?

Mila has been proven to be the best chia there is.
There is no better way to get Omega-3s than with Mila, which has a higher percentage of ALA content than flax.

Mila study comparison
Nutritional comparison done with nine different samples of chia seed.
Mila has 173% more ALA than other chia seed.

Results by Dr. David Nieman of the Human Performance Lab, North Carolina Research Campus.
Mila was compared to eight other chia seed samples.
For his full video presentation of his study results. please go to the Research page.

Mila study results

Mila is a whole raw food, the seed of Salvia Hispanica L (chia), a member of the mint family. It contains no additives, no preservatives, no artificial anything.
No animal products. No insecticides. Non-genetically modified. Pure, simple, great!

There are many types of chia, but Mila -- The Miracle Seed -- is named as such for three main reasons.

First, we carefully select our seed
from different regions, paying special attention to such important factors as climate, soil, and time of harvest as these affect the seed quality. We also look at seed maturity; the omega-3 content of immature seeds is very low so it's important to choose mature seeds for our blend.

Second, our seed cleaning process
ensures that the chosen seeds are of the absolute best quality. Despite seed choice, if a grinding process is then used, it becomes easy to mask the inclusion of lower-quality seeds. Mila, on the other hand, undergoes a cold fracture process to mechanically open the seeds, and only the best seed blend is used.

Third, we carefully control how the seed is opened
using a unique proprietary cold-fracture system that results in no increase in temperature, a factor which would otherwise lead to unwanted oxidation. Unlike the abrasive and harsh process of grinding, which causes the oils to be released and lost, our process preserves the nutritional value of the seed and increases bioavailability, meaning your body will get more out of the seed as your stomach acids access all aspects of what the seed has to offer.

It is the unique combination of these three factors -- our carefully selected blend, our cleaning process, and the mechanical-opening of the seed -- that makes Mila the best source of chia available.

Mila was found to increase the levels of ALA by 138% and EPA by 30%.

Chia seed analysis showed that this oil seed (especially Mila) is very high in ALA (samples varied widely), mineral content, protein, and fiber.

There is every reason to believe that there should be multiple health benefits from this increase.
- Dr. David Nieman

View his video presentation of the study results on the Research page.
Mila has an amazing bioavailability of 98%.
That means that due to the way the chia seed of Mila is produced and packaged, your body can use 98% of all the benefits of the seed. Other chia doesn't even come close.

Mila-chia plant
Mila gives you

Comparison of Nutritional Values of MILA to Common Grains
Food Energy (cal/100 gms) Protein (%) Lipids (%) Carbohydrate (%) Fiber (%)
Mila™ 506 24.4 31.2 32.0 36.6
Rice 358 06.5 0.52 79.1 2.8
Barley 354 12.5 2.3 73.5 17.3
Oats 389 16.9 6.9 66.3 10.6
Wheat 339 13.7 2.5 71.1 12.2
Corn 365 09.4 4.7 74.3 3.3
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