How to Use Chia

Mix it, Cook it, Bake it, Drink it, Eat it!

Mix Mila in orange juice Mix Mila in water Put Mila in fruit smoothies
Mix a scoop of chia in your morning orange juice Mix chia in your big water bottle for the day Make a fruit smoothie with chia for extra antioxidants
Add Mila to oatmeal Put Mila in your muffins Mix Mila in with granola
Add chia to oatmeal Put chia in your muffins! Mix chia in with granola
Sprinkle Mila on peanut butter Add Mila to mac and cheese Bake Mila into cookies
Sprinkle chia on peanut butter Add chia to mac and cheese Bake chia into cookies
Mila mixes well in salads, like tuna salad and chicken salad Makes a great thickener for chili Add Mila to pasta sauces
Chia mixes well in salads Makes a great thickener for chili Add chia to pasta sauces
Mix chia with anything from applesauce to macaroni & cheese. Your kids won't even notice!
It's a great healthful thickener for soups, stews, sauces and gravies.